Version Chat Inc. (“Version Chat” or “VC”) is a Canadian technology company, incorporated in June 2017, dedicated to develop the most safe and security chat/messenger platform for global customers including personal users and organizational clients. The core of Version Chat’s product is fully designed in Vancouver, Canada. Version Chat targets to become a prime Canadian brand for chat/messenger mobile application.

Our first version (VC+) was launched in August 2018. Please follow up with our app in Google Play, Apple Store, as well as our website at https://app.versionchat.com.

Your privacy and information security is our top priority. Version Chat ABSOLUTELY doesn’t save any copies of your message, media, audio/video calls in our server after they are successfully delivered to the receiver(s) you send. We implement an end-to-end encryption technology to makes sure your messages/media secure during the transmission, or any words, no one can decode your messages/media. For more information, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy thoroughly.

Version Chat offers its best-in-class product not only to personal users, but also makes it a available for white-labeling to an organizational client, who demands a secure and safe instant chat/message platform for internal communications. For all personal users, our app is totally free of charge except for its built-in wallet function (currently it is not available, but will be added in the future). For white-labeling to an organizational client, please contact us for details.

Contact Us
Version Chat Inc.
790 - 1111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, V6E 2J3
Phone: +1-778-379-2891
Email:  contact@versionchat.com    (general)
Email:  whitelabel@versionchat.com   (white label)